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November 2017
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The future is important! But what should be the most pressing future concerns for humanity? In a subversion of the usual format, Jack is joined by his grandparents, Sally and Philip Brentnall, to chat about the future and how it relates to climate change, overpopulation, the importance of education and how to get involved in politics. Sally and Philip are British-born Australians in their late 80s, and are exceptionally engaged and interested in current issues surrounding Australian politics and society. They're good grandparents. 

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Are we alone in the solar system? Jack is joined by Alastair Tait to chat about life on Mars and other places in our solar system. Alastair is a PhD student at Monash University in Melbourne, where he studies planetary geology and meteorites. You’re about to hear about his work, actually. Before he started his PhD, he was a regular contributor to the Young Australian Skeptics’ podcast "The Pseudoscientists". He’s basically moved onto better things.

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Mathematics: it's more important than you might think. Jack is joined by Matthew Mack to discuss the trouble with teaching maths, the relationship betweens maths and science, and why blockbuster movies don't feature mad mathematicians. Matthew is a Masters graduate in mathematics attempting to foray into the real world. When he isn't mentally dissecting or marrying various concepts, he can be found playing the cello or working through a backlog of indie games.

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Jack sits down with Bren Carruthers to chat about the big, bad world of journalism, touching on science, climate change and politics. Bren is a graduate student at the Centre for Advancing Journalism at the University of Melbourne. A self-described 'media all-rounder', he has held roles in radio, editing and publishing, as well as writing for numerous publications around Melbourne. His hobbies include worrying about politics and buying more books and magazines than he will ever have time to read.

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Jack sits down with Will Farr (again!) to chat about the science and science-fiction of asteroids. Will has a degree in electrical and electronic engineering, and is interested in the technology of energy generation. This episode was recorded in a graduate student bar at the University of Melbourne - see what fun antics you can make out in the background.

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Jack sits down with Sarah Murphy and Andy Cutting to chat about teaching science to school children. Sarah is a high-school science teacher with a background in biotechnology and analytical chemistry, and Andy is a PhD student in developmental biology at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute. Both work for the Gene Technology Access Centre along with Jack, and he caught up with them on a high-school science outreach trip to Bendigo.

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Jack sits down with Brady Clarke to chat about the influence of technology on music. Brady is a Melbourne-based musician and writer who wears a lot of turtlenecks and likes coffee. When he's not destroying his personal brand on social media, he makes electronic music as WIST.

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Jack sits down with Jessica Pletcher to chat about working in science. Jess has worked in the biotech industry for the last 8 years in a variety of roles. She will not be disclosing what she does in any detail because she signed a whole bunch of NDAs and non-completes. However, she can reveal that she likes drinking and cake.

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Jack sits down with Ted Janet to chat about the process of thinking critically about modern narrative television. Ted is a writer for screen and comics, and has worked for local production companies such as Revolution Pictures and the Picture Tank. He is currently employed writing educational medical cartoons. His first comic book, Balaclava Junction, is due for release late 2014.

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Jack sits down with Jonathan Meddings to chat about the controversy surrounding infant male circumcision. Jonathan holds a degree in medical science with honours from James Cook University and is currently a student of philosophy and politics at Macquarie University. He's a fencing coach, a writer for the Young Australian Skeptics, and a board member of the Rationalist Society of Australia.

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